About Roma Matrix

Tackling discrimination and promoting Roma inclusion together

Roma MATRIX  began as a partnership of 20 organisations across 10 EU Member States.

Our model is one of holistic action based on local need, focused on what works, and operating across sectors. We offer new ways of promoting inclusion, tackling inequalities, and moving forwards together. 

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Our work

Changing attitudes

Tackling racism towards Roma through media relations and campaigning activity.

Challenging racism

Improving options and support for Roma people experiencing discrimination and hate crime.

Social inclusion

Building bridges and breaking down barriers between Roma and non-Roma people.


Investigating how policies for Roma inclusion are delivered and subsequently experienced.


Employment of Roma. Roma MATRIX good practice guide 5.

English Good practice guide pdf (4.06 MB) March 2015

Social inclusion

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We are not an exception

English Video September 2014

Changing attitudes

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Tackling racism and negative attitudes in the Italian media

English Case study pdf (207.02 KB) May 2014

Challenging racism

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